Friday, August 8, 2014

PTown's Best Lobster Roll, Chapter Three

Our quest for the best lobster roll in Provincetown continues as we make our way through the many restaurants here that sell a lobster roll, and each plate is a bit different from every other one. Most little counter service eateries sell a lobster roll on its own, while most sit-down restaurants pair it with a side dish like French fries or coleslaw, or both. From one restaurant to another, different types of buns and rolls are used, and the amount of lobster varies, along with the ingredients added in. Parsley, celery, chives, scallions or other aromatics might be used, or that bun might hold only the lobster mixed with a touch of lemon aioli, or it could be a lobster salad using a generous dollop of mayonnaise with chopped celery and chives. So I'll continue to show you a photo of the dish along with a description of each one as we make our way around the town. Each lobster roll pictured here uses 4 ounces of lobster meat.

Native Cape Cod Seafood's lobster roll, with their potato salad.
Native Cape Cod Seafood uses a little mayo, a touch of Old Bay seasoning and fresh snipped chives in a grilled hot dog bun to make their lobster roll, with lettuce on the side. It sells for $21.95 and comes with fries, or you can substitute their terrific potato salad if it hasn't sold out. It's made with just enough mayo, a bit of white balsamic vinegar, along with a bit of finely chopped celery and red onion, and their beautiful, chunky fingerling potatoes.
Native Cape Cod Seafood is found at the Aquarium Marketplace, at 209 Commercial Street, and you can take your meal out onto the deck for that fabulous view out over magnificent Provincetown Harbor, so this delicious dish gets extra points for ambience.

The Mayflower's lobster roll, with fries and slaw, is a good value.

The Mayflower Cafe serves their lobster roll very simply, dressed only in a small amount of mayo, served with a bit of lettuce in a New England style frankfurter roll that's been toasted on the grill.
It's served with a simple, lightly creamy coleslaw and thin cut fries that are crisp and tasty, all for $14.99, so they get extra points for value for your dollar.

Note: This restaurant is under new ownership, so this exact dish is no longer available. 
Now Spindler's, this spot offers a lobster roll with pommes frites, coleslaw and house-made pickles for $28, or two mini lobster rolls for $20. Not sure on sizes, will taste at earliest opportunity. Also, lobster prices have risen, so other prices mentioned in this series may have gone up a bit.

The Seafood Grille's Lobster BLT is a bit different from most.
Lunch at the Seafood Grille at the Waterford Inn offers a lobster roll with mayo and celery on a brioche roll, served with fries for $18.
They'll also make you a lobster BLT, with bacon, iceberg lettuce and a hefty slice of tomato, also served with fries, and also $18.
Their dinner menu describes a pair of lobster sliders made with "classic lobster salad" on two small brioche rolls, served with an Asian slaw for $14.50, found in the appetizer section.
There's also a warm lobster roll, "the meat of a native lobster freshly steamed on a Portuguese brioche bun" for $27.95. Since it lists the highest price yet, that one's got me curious, but perhaps another day. I've already had my lobster roll for today.

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