Tuesday, May 28, 2013

PTown Memorial Day Seems a Success Despite the Weather

This group of 40 traveled to Provincetown from all over the US for
their own annual Memorial Day "Pride Run" on Commercial Street.
Despite cloudy skies, drizzling rain and temperatures much lower than usual for Memorial Day weekend, Provincetown had a good-sized crowd of visitors in good spirits. People put up with occasional rain and a bit of a windchill factor and braved the stroll down breezy Commercial Street to pick up a new sweatshirt, jacket, poncho or umbrella, and continued finding pursuits other than beach activities. Others huddled indoors by a fireplace, waiting out the chilly weather. The storm clouds finally parted on Memorial Day afternoon, the last day of most peoples' three-day-weekend here, and the streets were filled with folks sporting shorts and tank tops and other summer clothing that had languished at the bottom of the suitcase since their arrival here.
As the sun began to shine steadily, a dozen or more kayaks were instantly put into the water, the first ones I'd seen this season, and the whole town took on the look of summer, with throngs of people on the streets shopping and sampling fried dough, clam rolls, shucked oysters and chowder. It finally felt like the summer was off and running. Street performers turned out in large numbers, a lot of them being new to Provincetown, while just a few of our summer regulars made an appearance.
The group pictured above started a tradition for this long weekend several years ago with a handful of friends coming to PTown to make their own symbolic "Pride Run" along Commercial Street. Over the years the group has grown, this year numbering 40 young women, along with the occasional odd gentleman, who have come to celebrate in a town where they are free to be themselves. Welcome to Provincetown, everyone!

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