Wednesday, July 18, 2012

PTown's Punctilious Parking Protocol

If you are just lucky enough to find a legal parking space on the street somewhere in Provincetown, pull to the end of the space so someone else can park, too.
If the white car had parked with its rear bumper lined up with the yellow line behind it, and if the car in front of it had pulled up to the edge of the "no parking zone" marked with yellow paint on the curb ahead of it, there would have been room to park another car  between the two of them.
Parking an extra car may not seem like much, but when this waste of a space happens in dozens of spots all over town every day, it adds up to the loss of a tremendous number of very valuable free parking spaces each day. These cars were parked this way for nearly a week, so this neighborhood lost that extra parking space for a considerable time. Please be mindful of others, and be considerate when parking your car. When you park smack in the middle of a parking space meant for more than one car you are wasting parking spaces, and you're blowing your own parking karma.


  1. Wondering why our town's parking authority and road management cannot get it together to paint parking space lines like real municipalities do? Perhaps that would be a clue to less public minded drivers to do the right thing?

  2. The Town's Beautification Committee, and others, note that paint on curbs and pavement can detract from the look and the ambience of Provincetown. I tend to agree. With more paint on the ground (particularly that hideous yellow traffic paint) the town would feel to me more like a big city. Also, with no markings, big and tiny cars and motorcycles are free to squeeze in wherever they can. A space designated with paint can only legally hold one vehicle, even if a tiny car or a motorcycle leaves plenty of room for someone else in that square footage.