Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chair Massage Will Invigorate You

Since I've been writing this blog over the past couple of weeks, I find myself encumbered with a backpack full of stuff I have to lug around town with me all day, and night, because I never know what compelling stories or serendipitous photo ops I might find along the way, and my back often suffers for it. I try to always carry a camera with me wherever I go, and a notebook, and, these days, my trusty laptop, which seldom will leave my side (or my back, more accurately) and a cell phone full of phone numbers for roughly a gazillion businesses and friends so I can check my facts as I'm writing. And, of course, I'm carrying all the wires and cables that connect these various electronic marvels together, and cables to recharge everything, or to run it all if I find myself near an electrical outlet, and batteries for when I end up on the beach with no outlet nearby, so now this backpack is getting pretty heavy. Throw in a small video camera (I'll be putting a bit of video on this blog periodically, once I figure out how to do it) and, of course, spare batteries for everything...
So the other day, as I was walking down Commercial Street, I stopped in at pTown Massage and Bodywork for a chair massage. It doesn't take long, it doesn't cost much, and in a few minutes I was brand new, and ready to take on the world again.
I got myself settled into the chair and Tim went to work on me, using many different techniques to treat various trouble spots he found as he worked. He treated my neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands, right down to my fingertips. If you've never had a chair massage, you owe it to yourself to get one soon. Look after yourself. Melt away the stress of the day.
Treat yourself well. Your body will thank you for it.
For more than twenty years, pTown Massage has been providing therapeutic massage using techniques of Sweedish, Deep-Tissue, Sports Massage and other methods combined to provide the best possible treatment for each individual. In fact, pTown Massage is named on this year's Cape Cod A-List as the best massage on the Cape. (Look for an upcoming post about another half-dozen businesses in Provincetown also making the A-List this year.)
Phone pTown Massage at 508 487-3411, and visit them at 182 Commercial Street, right next to Snip Salon. Tell them TheYearRounder sent you. They'll take good care of you.


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