Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Red Eye Coffee Reborn

Red Eye Coffee, 258 Commercial Street, next to Town Hall, did some serious remodeling over the off-season and has been reborn as a great little eatery. Doubling the size of the kitchen pushed the counter up to the front of the shop, so, unfortunately we lose the space for tables indoors, but there is still outdoor seating, and the food they are now able to turn out is terrific.
They're making blueberry scones, fresh fruit cups, and egg sandwiches for your breakfast, just to name a few. Today there was a mango blueberry turnover. Selection varies from day to day on the whim of the chef.There's also a homemade granola and yogurt cup in the cold case, ready to grab and go, along with a variety of salads also ready to take out as you head toward the beach or dash off to go to work.
Sweets include several varieties of cupcakes, like the red velvet one with cream cheese frosting, and maybe a few chocolate chips sprinkled on top. Besides their beautiful cupcakes, often done up in colorful decorations for special occasions like Bear Week, they make a great individual cheesecake, a bit less sweet than most I've had, and very good. And now that the kitchen has been expanded they can make all kinds of things they had no space or equipment for before. Recently they had a turnover stuffed with ham and your choice of Swiss or cheddar cheese. 
Any number of coffee beverages are available, both hot and cold.  For me, the difference between the many types of coffee drinks the world knows has always been a bit confusing.  I found a web page that explains 63 different cups of coffee. The Red Eye makes a nice, beefy cup of coffee. They'll make you an espresso, a cappuccino (a shot of espresso with hot milk and steamed milk foam) or a latte (same ingredients as a cappuccino but with more milk) or, of course, you can order a Red Eye. That's a brewed cup of coffee with a shot of espresso. You can also get an iced coffee or chai tea. And their coffee beans are organic, fair traded beans, so the farmers earn a fair profit on the crops they grow.
The new kitchen gives Jeremy the space for all the appliances and paraphernalia needed to turn out a variety of pastries both sweet and savory. My favorite so far is the spinach pie, which I had for lunch yeaterday, made of spinach with ricotta and feta cheeses baked between layers of flaky, golden filo dough. It was one of the best things I tasted all week. 


  1. Excellent ice coffee!! Great for a hot summer day!

  2. Thanks for you comment! Keep an eye out for upcoming posts about all kinds of interesting spots in Provincetown.