Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hike The West End Breakwater to Wood End Light

Don't forget to check the tide chart before you set out to walk to Wood End Light. It is a fairly strenuous walk of about a mile-and-a-quarter over sometimes rather jagged chunks of granite, in some spots hopping from rock to rock, and then a fair distance walking in soft sand. So you'll need good sturdy shoes. And a water bottle. And a Lunch. And a light jacket at this time of year. And don't forget the sunscreen, because you may be walking for a bit longer than you might think. You might want a camera, too. So now it's turning into quite an expedition. But it'll be worth it. All this gear can fit into a small backpack, and the walk really is beautiful.
Remember, the tide can rise quickly, and it can rise above the average high tide mark, the dark strip you see along the length of the jetty. Best to take your walk on the breakwater as the tide is on its way out, or at least check the tide chart before you head out. It doesn't take long at all for the water to rise a good couple of feet, and it looks to me like we've had some pretty high tides this past week or so. Just be careful, be safe, and you'll have a great walk.
The breakwater is at the far west end of Commercial Street. There's a little bit of parking, or you can bike down, or walk, or take the shuttle bus to the Provincetown Inn. The shuttle starts its full-time summer schedule today. They try to leave the bus plaza near the Chamber of Commerce on the hour and on the half hour. But there are three different routes, so make sure you get on the right bus.
And If you're a fan of lighthouses, you may consider making a contribution to the American Lighthouse Foundation, working for the preservation of lighthouses around the country. You can also make a sizable, ongoing contribution to the foundation without ever writing a check. When you get this Capital One VISA card, the ALF will receive a $50 donation after your first purchase, plus a percentage of every purchase you make with the card.
Enjoy your hike out to Wood End Light, and watch for upcoming posts about the three lighthouses surrounding Provincetown.

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