Wednesday, October 31, 2018

It's Still Halloween in Provincetown

PTown Halloween displays traditionally range from whimsical to clever to frightening. Take a tour!
Even though the big Halloween ball, Spooky Bear and PBG events were held last week, you can still find the spirit of this great holiday in spots throughout Provincetown. When Halloween actually falls on a Saturday, all stops are pulled out for a huge celebration, while elaborate costumes and unparalleled reveling run rampant on PTown streets and in our clubs, but when the big day falls in the middle of the week, parties and events of all kinds mostly occur on the weekend before.
Even so, there's a lot of fun to be had just by watching for all of the die-hards who are still celebrating on the actual 31st of October, no matter what, and by spotting decorations of all sorts as you make your way through the town.
I happened into the Seamen's Bank branch on Shank Painter Road today, where every teller was in costume or elaborate makeup, or both, with trays full of sandwiches and cupcakes set out for anyone stopping in. They were combining their annual customer appreciation day with the chance to dress up and have a little fun, giving out tote bags, calendars and several handy little gifts that let customers feel the trick-or-treat spirit of the day.
I also found cashiers and various other employees at the Stop and Shop wearing some sort of costume, or attempt, as well. I didn't stroll down Commercial Street today, but I'll guarantee there were a few costumes to be found there, and likely in a number of our restaurants and shops as well.
The big surprise for me today was at the Quest lab at Outer Cape Health, where Mary, the woman drawing my blood this afternoon, had big spiders in her hair, and a pair of very tiny skeletons dangling from her ears and dancing as she turned her head, each bone swinging with her every movement. I thanked each of these folks for getting into the full spirit of the occasion, and putting little smiles on my face as I went about my day.
As for decorations around town, one place I always look is the corner yard where Cemetery Road meets Conwell Street. They always have a great Halloween display that takes up most of their yard. They've built a huge spider web with a big, black, tarantula-looking creature and other decorations all around the place.
One of this year's funnest Halloween displays has been the gorgeous antique car filled with skeletons and spooks, seen either parked at the Clarendon House, at 119 Bradford Street, or spotted tooling around the town.
Hats off to all of those who use any excuse to celebrate, decorate, or dress up, and who make it so much fun to live and visit in Provincetown!