Monday, August 13, 2018

The Kobe Beef Burger at Vorelli's Earns TheYearRounder's 'Best Bite' Award

Vorelli's burgers may be the best in PTown, totally deserving Best Bite recognition.
Not long ago I had the Kobe Beef burger at Vorelli’s, at 226 Commercial Street, and it was the best thing I ate in that entire week, which earns them TheYearRounder’s Best Bite award for exceptional value on this excellent meal. 

This mammoth hamburger starts with a half-pound of Kobe beef, an exclusive grade of meat that’s famous for its juicy tenderness and remarkable flavor. It’s served with leafy lettuce on a bun that’s been toasted on the grill, with a mound of wedge-cut steak fries, and dill pickle chips on the side,
The Kobe burger sells for $14.95, which Is a great PTown bargain for a burger of this size and quality. For an extra 50¢ each I added cheddar cheese, a big slice of onion, and a thick slice of beefsteak tomato. Bacon was just $1.25. At Vorelli’s, they go out of their way to offer a good value for your money.

I could barely hang onto this huge burger with one hand while I shot this picture.
I spread on a little Dijon mustard and just a touch of mayo and I was in business, although it was really pretty difficult to hold onto this huge, towering burger with one hand while I took its photo with the other hand. This was definitely a two-fisted meal.

Vorelli’s is widely known for its aged, Black Angus steaks, and a couple of my favorite seafood dishes are there as well. A few pastas and Italian favorites round out the menu, along with some great lunch and dinner specials and a terrific lobster roll, again, at a great price.
Service at Vorelli’s is friendly and thoughtful, and the staff makes you feel at home in this charming old building that was once the old Five & Ten Cents Store. Much of the artwork on the walls depicts this gracious building through the eyes of a variety of artists over the years,
Lovely panels of stained glass adorn each end of the comfy bar where you’ll find Connie most nights, one of the towns most affable bartenders, who makes the infused vodkas for a couple of their unique, specialty cocktails. A selection of great desserts and after-dinner drinks finishes a memorable meal.
There are plenty of great reasons to visit Vorelli’s, and we congratulate them on garnering Best Bite recognition.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Hot Ticket: Favorite Poem Project Benefits PTown's Fine Arts Work Center Fri Aug 10

On Friday night we'll be treated to a remarkable evening of "favorite poems" read by luminaries from the worlds of music, theater, politics, journalism, art, and, of course, poetry. The program is a benefit for the Fine Arts Work Center, at 24 Pearl Street in Provincetown. Each year FAWC helps to raise up a new crop of emerging writers and visual artists through various fellowships and programs of the center.
The diversity of the night's readers is evidenced above. From acclaimed playwright Tony Kushner to genius singer/songwriter Patty Larkin, from State Senator Julian Cyr to renowned poet Eileen Myles, this manifold group of readers will no doubt bring us a presentation that is both thought provoking and entertaining. Writer/director/actor Ryan Landry has a bit of a bad boy image, but I'm willing to bet that he'll surprise us one way or another with his selection, because that's what he does.
Whether you prefer open seating or priority, which includes reserved seats and an After Party with the readers, you'll want to get tickets right away. Click here for tickets or go online later at Don't miss this week's Hot Ticket!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Help Keep Provintown Beaches Clean By What You Do On Commercial Street

This emblem reminds us not to put anything into the storm drains in PTown streets
This "no dumping" emblem has appeared on curbs all along Commercial Street, letting people know that the storm drains in the road lead directly out to Provincetown Harbor.
Anything poured into these large, square, iron-grated drains will flow straight to the harbor through the system of pipelines that run beneath the roads and emerge on the beach, right at the edge of the water.

Cigarette butts dropped on our streets end up in our storm drains.
Cigarette butts flicked into these drains will wash out onto the beach with the next rainstorm. Popsicle sticks, sugar packets, gum wrappers, plastic straws and coffee stir sticks all wind up on the beach, hundreds per day, dropped on the street, and even right into the drains, by folks looking for a convenient spot to get rid of small bits of trash as they're walking down Commercial Street.

Any sort of debris, including small twigs and even windblown sand, can clog these drains as well, leading to flooding on Commercial Street and beyond, as we saw this past winter.
Please, everyone, help us keep any kind of chemicals, waste or debris out of the world's fragile oceans, by keeping these things off of PTown's streets and out of our storm drains. Mother Earth thanks you!