Thursday, March 28, 2019

Spiritus Pizza Opens PTown's 2019 Season Today With Their Annual Free Slice for All

Get a steaming-hot, free, opening day slice at Spiritus today, beginning at 1 PM.
If you look closely, you can see the steam rising from this hot pepperoni pizza, fresh out of the oven at Spiritus,
At this time of year, with the door open almost constantly, it's always a little chilly inside, hence the steaming pizzas lining up in the front window as each one waits just a moment to be sliced and handed across the counter.
There will be dozens of folks at a time queuing up for their first Spiritus slice of the season. Today's the day, so get to Spiritus for a free slice of that legendary thin-crust pizza. Starting at 1 PM, Spiritus will offer a free slice to everyone who comes by, ushering in the new season as they do every year on March 28th.

Thick slices of pepperoni are a Spiritus hallmark.
Spiritus got it's start in 1971 at 193 Commercial, a little building across the road from the joint we've all known and loved since 1978. That's when Jingles and his merry band decided to buy the old optometrist's office at 190 Commercial Street, moving their pizza operation (and by then, ice cream, too) across the street.
This spot has been the home of Spiritus ever since, with their unique pizzas, strong coffee, premium ice creams, and a "gallery" that gives a variety of local artists a chance to display and sell their work.
Spiritus is widely known as a late-night gathering spot. At one time crowds there late on a summer night could number around a thousand people, with the street closed to cars, and police officers milling through the enormous crowd, which often resembles the after-Carnival crush of wall-to-wall revelers caught up in the party.
A lot of folks call these pies their favorite PTown pizza. There's something about that nice, thin crust, with a good bit of whole wheat flour mixed into the dough, along with the generous amount of toppings, all of which make a Spiritus pizza different from any other in Provincetown.
Be sure to get there this afternoon for a free slice of this iconic PTown treat, heralding the true arrival of spring at the tip of Cape Cod.