Tuesday, August 25, 2015

In PTown, the Beach is Where You Find it!

Virtually no equipment is needed to enjoy a bit of serenity on a Provincetown beach.
You don't have to load up the station wagon with the cooler, the hibachi, the beach umbrellas, rubber raft, portable cabana and all the blow-up toys and floaters to get out and enjoy the beach. These folks simply brought their beach chairs and a cold drink to the little beach next to the breakwater in the Far West End.
Today, the water on this calm harbor beach barely makes a sound as it laps at their feet while the tide crests and begins to recede. For the moment, they're the only ones here, gazing out over Long Point on a perfectly glorious afternoon that brings a brilliant blue shade to the water and to the sky above.
An afternoon at the beach can be just this simple on little neighborhood beaches and Town Landings all over town. Grab your sun hat, a beach chair and a beverage, and head to the harbor beaches found all along Commercial Street. Favorite Town Landings include the one near the foot of Pearl Street; at Court Street, next to Bubala's; near West Vine Street at Captain Jack's Wharf.
Neighborhood beaches, both large and small, include Saint Mary of the Harbor Church; Johnson Street Parking Lot; next to Cabral's Pier (Fisherman's Wharf) behind the kite shop; farther west on that same beach, behind the Whalers Wharf. The Town recently built racks at the West End Parking Lot to hold all the neighbors' kayaks, so now this tiny beach can once again offer enough space for you to set out your beach chair or throw down your towel.
You don't have to pay a fee, struggle to find a place to park, and schlep armloads of equipment with you as you trudge to the beach from your car. You can simply toss your beach towel over your shoulder and off you go, in any Provincetown neighborhood. Just remember to take your bottle of sunscreen with you.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Hot Ticket! Just Two More Performances by The Calamari Sisters

Calamari Sisters Delphine and Carmela belt out a song in their very
funny hit musical/comedy/dance performance at Sage through Saturday. 
There are only two more performances of one of the freshest, funniest, thoroughly entertaining shows to hit Provincetown in years! Through this Saturday, August 22nd, they'll take the stage at Sage, at 336 Commercial Street, at 8:30 PM as they sing, dance and cook their way through a most engaging, very funny evening, preparing their Italian version of a New England clambake on a barbecue grill right on stage. These two thoroughly Italian sisters have been brought back for their second season in Provincetown with an all-new extravaganza that has the audience rolling on the floor with laughter.
These two Italian sisters regale us with hilarious stories and
innuendo as they create an Italian clambake right on stage.
These two are larger than life, in every conceivable way, as they dance and sing and impart several very funny stories about their assorted relatives, all while giving cooking tips as they are creating a summer beach meal to be shared with the audience, who occasionally becomes part of the show.
This energetic, vibrant, hilariously risqué musical comedy is the most unusual drag performance in town. Click this link to get tickets for The Calamari Sisters Clam Bake, or get them at the door, just up the alley at Sage Inn and Lounge. The last two performances are Friday and Saturday night at 8:30 PM.
Don't miss this show!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Watch For Wildlife Crossing PTown Roads

I'd never seen this little species of turtle before I met it on the road.
The Provincetown Trolley stopped the other day for this little turtle crossing Route 6. Only about seven inches long, it wasn't easy to spot, but later The Trolley stopped again for one even smaller.
That little guy was only about three inches, and it was barely spotted in time to steer around it. Turtles often cross the road in shady patches, perhaps because the pavement is cooler there for the great length of time it might take a turtle to cross the road.
Watch for any dark spot in the road ahead of you, no matter how small. It may turn out to be wildlife going about its business. The "turtle crossing" on Route 6 and the shady patches along Race Point Road, through Beech Forest, are likely spots to find turtles wanting to cross the road. Slow down. Give 'em a break.

Friday, August 14, 2015

PTown Carnival 2015 Gets Underway

Join us in Provincetown for our 2015 Carnival from August 15th through 21st, celebrating a Candy Land theme. 

August 15th through the 21st is Provincetown's annual Carnival, with Candy Land as this year's theme.  Go to http://ptown.org/carnival to find out what's in the works and to learn about the history of Carnival. There will be a number of parties, an opening reception, a boat cruise, a flag raising ceremony, a costume ball, and of course, our legendary annual parade on Commercial Street, with renowned entertainer Sandra Bernhard as the Grand Marshall. Ms Bernhard will also give a live performance in Town Hall, with award-winning songstress Anne Steele as her opening act.
Learn about events and order tickets on the PBG Carnival Tickets page, along with Tee-shirts, and candy bars promising a total of 25 Golden Tickets, à la Willy Wonka. Trips to Las Vegas and many other PTown and Vegas prizes will be going to folks who find a lucky ticket when they unwrap their candy bars.
Watch for people in costumes to start popping up on Commercial Street as the week progresses, especially on parade day (Thursday) and for Drag Bingo as well, which is a fundraiser for the UU Meetinghouse, where this venerable event is held.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Artists Are Found Throughout Provincetown, And You Can Join Them

A painter captures the light on a Commercial Street home on the harbor.
Artists with their easels, brushes, palette knives or sketchbooks can be found all over Provincetown streets, out in the dunes and forests, or anywhere at all, really.
You'll find them in tiny alleyways capturing the perfect light on the edge of the harbor, or on a hill looking out over the rooftops of the neighborhood below. They're amongst the trees at the visitor center painting the majestic Pilgrim Monument on the distant hillside.
It isn't unusual at all to see artists working outdoors in, even in the dead of winter. We are the oldest continuous artist colony in the nation.
It all started in 1899 when the painter Charles Webster Hawthorne founded his Cape Cod School of Art, right here in Provincetown, of course. Within several years there were half-a-dozen bustling art schools here, and these days we have well over 80 art galleries, scattered all throughout the town.
Even if you've never held a paintbrush, by the end of the day you can
create a finished painting of the historic Red Inn and its glorious garden.
In Provincetown you can take a series of classes in drawing, sculpting, or in painting with oils or watercolors. You can also spend just a morning, painting in the garden of the Red Inn, even if you're an absolute beginner.
There's an artist ready to help and encourage you, and everything you'll need is supplied.
Or maybe you're an old hand at painting, but have come to town without your easel, paints, canvas and brushes. You'll find them available at this one-day art class, which is ongoing throughout the summer. And what better topic for your masterpiece than the lovely, historic Red Inn, this summer celebrating their hundredth anniversary as an inn. Spend a day in their lovely garden, and give your soul the glow that comes with the awakening of your creative side.