Monday, August 10, 2015

Artists Are Found Throughout Provincetown, And You Can Join Them

A painter captures the light on a Commercial Street home on the harbor.
Artists with their easels, brushes, palette knives or sketchbooks can be found all over Provincetown streets, out in the dunes and forests, or anywhere at all, really.
You'll find them in tiny alleyways capturing the perfect light on the edge of the harbor, or on a hill looking out over the rooftops of the neighborhood below. They're amongst the trees at the visitor center painting the majestic Pilgrim Monument on the distant hillside.
It isn't unusual at all to see artists working outdoors in, even in the dead of winter. We are the oldest continuous artist colony in the nation.
It all started in 1899 when the painter Charles Webster Hawthorne founded his Cape Cod School of Art, right here in Provincetown, of course. Within several years there were half-a-dozen bustling art schools here, and these days we have well over 80 art galleries, scattered all throughout the town.
Even if you've never held a paintbrush, by the end of the day you can
create a finished painting of the historic Red Inn and its glorious garden.
In Provincetown you can take a series of classes in drawing, sculpting, or in painting with oils or watercolors. You can also spend just a morning, painting in the garden of the Red Inn, even if you're an absolute beginner.
There's an artist ready to help and encourage you, and everything you'll need is supplied.
Or maybe you're an old hand at painting, but have come to town without your easel, paints, canvas and brushes. You'll find them available at this one-day art class, which is ongoing throughout the summer. And what better topic for your masterpiece than the lovely, historic Red Inn, this summer celebrating their hundredth anniversary as an inn. Spend a day in their lovely garden, and give your soul the glow that comes with the awakening of your creative side.

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