Monday, August 17, 2015

Watch For Wildlife Crossing PTown Roads

I'd never seen this little species of turtle before I met it on the road.
The Provincetown Trolley stopped the other day for this little turtle crossing Route 6. Only about seven inches long, it wasn't easy to spot, but later The Trolley stopped again for one even smaller.
That little guy was only about three inches, and it was barely spotted in time to steer around it. Turtles often cross the road in shady patches, perhaps because the pavement is cooler there for the great length of time it might take a turtle to cross the road.
Watch for any dark spot in the road ahead of you, no matter how small. It may turn out to be wildlife going about its business. The "turtle crossing" on Route 6 and the shady patches along Race Point Road, through Beech Forest, are likely spots to find turtles wanting to cross the road. Slow down. Give 'em a break.

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