Tuesday, August 25, 2015

In PTown, the Beach is Where You Find it!

Virtually no equipment is needed to enjoy a bit of serenity on a Provincetown beach.
You don't have to load up the station wagon with the cooler, the hibachi, the beach umbrellas, rubber raft, portable cabana and all the blow-up toys and floaters to get out and enjoy the beach. These folks simply brought their beach chairs and a cold drink to the little beach next to the breakwater in the Far West End.
Today, the water on this calm harbor beach barely makes a sound as it laps at their feet while the tide crests and begins to recede. For the moment, they're the only ones here, gazing out over Long Point on a perfectly glorious afternoon that brings a brilliant blue shade to the water and to the sky above.
An afternoon at the beach can be just this simple on little neighborhood beaches and Town Landings all over town. Grab your sun hat, a beach chair and a beverage, and head to the harbor beaches found all along Commercial Street. Favorite Town Landings include the one near the foot of Pearl Street; at Court Street, next to Bubala's; near West Vine Street at Captain Jack's Wharf.
Neighborhood beaches, both large and small, include Saint Mary of the Harbor Church; Johnson Street Parking Lot; next to Cabral's Pier (Fisherman's Wharf) behind the kite shop; farther west on that same beach, behind the Whalers Wharf. The Town recently built racks at the West End Parking Lot to hold all the neighbors' kayaks, so now this tiny beach can once again offer enough space for you to set out your beach chair or throw down your towel.
You don't have to pay a fee, struggle to find a place to park, and schlep armloads of equipment with you as you trudge to the beach from your car. You can simply toss your beach towel over your shoulder and off you go, in any Provincetown neighborhood. Just remember to take your bottle of sunscreen with you.

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