Monday, July 23, 2012

Get Out on the Water - Rent a Kayak

The harbor and the bay ore both steps away, and the water is fine. Why not rent a kayak, pack a lunch and head out to Long Point to spend the afternoon? In a couple of spots in town, you can rent a two-person, sit-on-top kayak for as little as $50 for four hours. With a little bit of instruction, just about anybody can quickly learn to handle a kayak and get out and enjoy this beautiful weather we're having. Find Venture Athletics Kayak Rental on their Facebook page, or stop by at 237 Commercial Street, inside the Whalers Wharf, on the right, just past the rotunda as you head toward Provincetown Harbor by walking through the building. Call them at 508 487-9442 to reserve a kayak or to find out more. They do a full moon guided tour in the harbor and out into the bay. Other tours are available as well. Take a trip with a naturalist who can tell you about marine wildlife you may encounter along the way. They also have a beach shop where you'll find hats, sunglasses, snorkeling gear, life vests, suntan lotion, or anything else to help you get out to enjoy the water.
You can also rent a kayak at Flyer's Boat Rental, found at 131A Commercial Street, Which is actually tucked away down a little West End alley called Good Templar Place, next to Lorraine"s restaurant. Flyer's rents one or two person kayaks, as well as power boats or sailboats. Their experienced crew can tell you about the best places in the harbor to paddle through or areas to fish. Call 508 487-0898 to reserve a boat or kayak.

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