Saturday, July 14, 2012

PTown offers Hundreds of Photo Ops at Any Moment

Just walking down any street in Provincetown any number of photo opportunities can pop out at you. Everywhere you go there are beautiful gardens, a peek at the harbor, an amazing cloud formation, a drag queen in full costume flying by on a bicycle...
Since I've been writing this blog every day I've been carrying a camera with me everywhere I go, and sometimes the way I choose my topic for any given day is by flipping through the hundreds of photos now stored in my computer, and the number grows by another dozen or more every day. There's never a shortage of beautiful or interesting things to photograph here.
The photo above jumped out at me from a garden on Bradford Street, where new, perfect blossoms had just popped out that day. The photo at the right came as I was having dessert on the back deck out behind Waydowntown. It was taken on a calm day in the harbor with a fairly high tide, in the few moments right before twilight where the water takes on that sort of pale violet color and the lighthouse out on Long Point lights up. The last whale watch boat of the day was sailing into port at the end of its sunset cruise. I got this photo as the whale watch boat, lined along its rails with passengers enjoying the last colors of the sunset behind me, came gliding into the harbor between the Long Point Light and the boats moored just off the beach.
Here is legendary film director Roger Corman (Pit and the Pendulum, House of Usher, Little Shop of Horrors and fifty others) lounging comfortably on the stage at Provincetown Town Hall during the 14th Annual Provincetown International Film Festival last month. He is being interviewed by director and local legend John Waters just before receiving his award as this year's Filmmaker on the Edge. If you missed my blog about this year's film festival, you can check the archives section of this blog, or you can click this link to This Week's Hot Ticket - PIFF. This was shot from my seat, way at the back of the hall, between the heads of audience members.
I love this photo. It was taken at the breakwater in the West End on a day when there were several families exploring the tidal flats at low tide. Check the archives or click this link PTown Beachcombers Find Little Treasures to see the post that went with this photo.
So put a camera in your own pocket. I've seen some remarkable photographs taken even with disposable pocket cameras. Capture a serendipitous encounter or the astonishing beauty of Provincetown as you make your way around the town.

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