Sunday, July 22, 2012

What's New? Sandwiches at Twist'd Sisters

I was having a salad at Twist'd Sisters one day while I was writing a post for this blog and I heard someone order a sandwich. They had never had sandwiches on the menu before, so I determined to come back soon to try them. I went back another day and told Devon that I had come to try a sandwich, and I asked him what I was going to have. He thought for a second and told me I would have the Italian. They call it a Broadway. It's made with ham, mortadella, salami, provolone, red peppers, black olives, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion and an herbed vinegar and oil dressing. It was huge, like an Italian sandwich with a side salad added in.
It was served open-faced, because you probably couldn't get the top half to fold over the bottom half and stay put. This sandwich barely fits on the plate.  Once I got the top half folded over (and it took both hands to hold one half of this sandwich together) and took a couple of bites, I couldn't put it down for fear it would explode. And I didn't want to put it down anyway, because it was a great sandwich. All the veggies and garnishes worked really well together with the meat and cheese, and the dressing was perfect. I took quite a while to eat it, clutching together half of the sandwich at a time. Sandwiches come with a bag of Cape Cod potato chips, too.
Click this link to find the Twist'd Sister menu. You can print yourself a coupon from their website I want to try the Harlem sandwich next. It's made with roast beef, bacon, melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion and BBQ sauce. I'll have to make sure I'm really hungry first. There are 7 choices including a vegetarian option, and there's a build-your-own where you choose a meat and a cheese and your own list of condiments, garnishes and dressings from a list of 15 choices.
Of course, you can get New York style pizza, salads, chicken wings or hero rolls, which are a bit like a calzone, with pizza dough wrapped around veggies, a chicken cutlet, cheese steak or meatball parmigiana, which is my favorite. Ask for a side of extra tomato sauce to dip it in. Now serving beer and wine. And, of course, ice cream for dessert.
Visit Twist'd Sisters at 293 Commercial Street, or call 508 487-NYPD (just remember New York Pizza Delivery, or dial 6973) to pick up, or have your order delivered from noon till midnight. Open 11 AM till 2 PM in season.

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