Friday, July 27, 2012

Hot Ticket - Mommie Queerest

Brooks Braselman and Jamie Morris spoof
Christina and Joan Crawford in Mommie Queerest
If this photo doesn't just scream comedy, I don't know what else does...
Jamie Morris has brought back to Ptown his comedy parody of Faye Dunaway's accidental parody (in the film Mommie Dearest) of the tell-all book about the stormy relationship between screen legend Joan Crawford and her adopted daughter, Christina, written by Christina after Crawford's death. Morris is brilliant in his way-over-the-top performance spoofing Dunaway's famously over-the-top portrayal of the aging Joan Crawford in the film that has become something of a cult classic over the past thirty years. But Morris takes us a step further into the ozone in this very clever play by supposing that Crawford may have actually been a man underneath all that lipstick and big hair.
Brooks Braselman turns in a splendid performance as the long-suffering yet quite bratty Christina, subjected to various emotional and physical assaults by the more-than-compulsive Crawford. Who can forget the infamous movie sequence revolving around the clothes closet and the forbidden wire hangers? Or Crawford's triumph, and definitive utterance, at the board meeting of the cola company? As you might guess this play takes these scenes well beyond the level of the film, with hilarious results. Here's a link to a YouTube teaser of Mommie Queerest.
The play, with its spectacular array of picture-perfect costumes, is in production at the Art House, at 214 Commercial Street, on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday nights through Saturday, September 1st. See it tomorrow, July 28th at 9 PM; Sunday, July 29th at 9:30 PM; Tuesday, July 31st and Wednesday, August 1st at 7:30 PM. All other shows through September 1st will be at 10 PM.
Click this link to get tickets online or visit the box office, no longer found on the patio but now inside, near the bar, where you can also get a drink to take into the theater with you, which is highly recommended for this show.

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