Thursday, July 5, 2012

What's New? - Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding near the breakwater in the West End
The nation's newest sport, Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) has arrived in Provincetown. This gentleman was spotted paddling on his knees down near the West End breakwater. That's one way to do it. This new form of recreation is sweeping the country. Just about anyone can do it, with very little equipment. You can get a full body workout paddling while standing or kneeling on a wide, stable board meant to glide you over the water while you steer with the same long-handled paddle. Click on this link to learn the ins and outs of Stand Up Paddleboarding. It looks like great fun. You can rent a paddleboard at Flyer's Boat Rental, in the west end, just off Commercial Street. Flyers also rents boats, moorings and kayaks, and you can take sailing lessons as well.

Katie and Greg caught 2 beautiful
Striped Bass.  Get out on the water
and catch a couple yourself!
In the photo at the left (robbed from Flyer's Facebook page) are Katie and Greg, who rented a Bayboat and caught a couple of nice stripers off Long Point.
Flyer's also runs the shuttle boat out to the Long Point Lighthouse, at the very tip of Cape Cod. Catch the shuttle on MacMillan Pier, departing on the hour, or down at the boatyard at ten minutes past the hour, all day in the summer.
Flyer's can arrange for parties and cruises, too, And if you need supplies or repairs for your own boat, they'll be able to help. They've been serving the seagoing public for something over 66 years.
So check out their paddleboard rentals and get out on the water. And check out Flyer's web cam, looking out over the harbor, running 24 hours a day.
Technically, their address is at 131A Commercial Street, but you'll find them by walking down a little alley off Commercial Street, called Good Templar Place, right next to Lorraine's. Phone Flyer's at 508 487-0898.

NOTE: Since this post was written a couple of things have changed…
This summer (2017) Flyer's Long Point Shuttle has a new schedule, running daily from slip #8 on MacMillan Pier, departing every half hour from 9 AM to 5 PM, with no departures from Flyer's boatyard.
Also, Lorraine sold her building next to Good Templar Place. It's now Joon restaurant, so to find Flyer's, walk down the little alley between Joon and Provincetown Antique Market. 


  1. Yes, the sport of SUP is taking off like a rocket worldwide as evidenced by its presence even in Provincetown. What's nice about this sport is that many can participate in this low-impact sport from youths to the aged. Even people with disabilities can participate. You also don't need an ocean to do it like with the sport of surfing. All that is needed is a calm body of water like a pond or a smooth-flowing river, although for those who like a challenge, choppy waters of the ocean can be fun too.

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  2. Dude…you sound like a paddle board salesman. But thanks for reading my blog.