Saturday, July 28, 2012

Red Eye Coffee Makes the 3 Under 35 List, and the Best Bite List as Well

On my quest to help you eat well, with three meals a day for under $35 total for the day, this is my second entry into the pool of meals that you can quite easily combine to come up with an excellent line-up of nourishing, tasty, filling, high quality, well prepared yet very inexpensive PTown meals.
At Red Eye Coffee, at 258 Commercial Street, just west of Town Hall, Jeremy is now cooking up a full breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays, and you can order this terrific meal all day long. Order two eggs cooked however you like them, and a choice of ham, bacon or sausage, served with home fried potatoes and your choice of Texas toast, Portuguese muffin or bagel, toasted and buttered, for $6, which includes the tax. I ordered sausage, an "everything" bagel, and eggs over medium.
Everything was cooled perfectly, the home fries were delicious, and the plate came garnished with a few slices of fresh cantaloupe. I haven't found anywhere in town where you can beat this breakfast and its price. Order it right through the day until closing late at night. I had it at breakfast time, sitting at a table on their patio out front, watching the people go by on Commercial Street.
If you stop by on a day other than Saturday or Sunday, you won't find this breakfast, but you will find a wide variety of fresh baked pastries, turnovers both sweet and savory, individual quiche and many other items suitable for breakfast and also in the range of around $6 or less. Today I noticed there was a spinach quiche, and a bacon quiche, and the other day I wanted to try the cauliflower quiche but it sold out before I got one. Ham and cheese turnovers, blueberry turnovers and many other pastries are generally available along with a breakfast egg-and-cheese sandwich. Those are $4.50, or add a breakfast meat for another dollar.
So there are many meals and combinations here that fit into the Provincetown 3 under 35 list, but the most outstanding bargain is the weekend breakfast plate for just 6 bucks, and that makes it a Best Bite. You can't beat it.
Update: A few days after I wrote this post, the summer season picked up a bit, and Jeremy began offering this meal every day. Let's hope that lasts beyond Labor Day when the crowds thin out again.

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