Thursday, July 12, 2012

Early Dinner at the Seafood Grille at the Waterford Inn Makes the 3 Under 35 List

Above, in my introduction to this blog, I boldly proclaim that I can show you how you can find three meals a day in this town, and eat well, for under $35 a day. Here I will describe not only a favorite inexpensive dinner, but actually one of my favorite seafood dinners in Provincetown, at any price.
The Seafood Grille's early dinner special, ordered before 7 PM, offers a three-course dinner with a choice of four different entrees for only $14. Dinner starts with your choice of a creamy New England style clam chowder or a lovely garden salad, which may vary occasionally depending on which varieties of fresh produce might become available that day.
This evening it was a salad of mixed field greens garnished with slivered carrots, tomato wedges and cucumber, with slices of Watermelon Radish.
The next course is your choice of four different entrees. I knew I would be coming here for dinner this night, so I already knew what I would order. I spent my afternoon dreaming of the Seafood Grille's wonderful Asian Mussels, gently steamed to perfection along with ginger and Asian vegetables in a slightly sweet, absolutely delicious broth and served over a bowl of linguine noodles. This is one of my very favorite entrees in PTown, and it's health-conscious as well.
Dessert was a large scoop of vanilla bean ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce and garnished with a sprig of fresh mint. They must have gone to the trouble of scooping the ice cream out just a few minutes early to let it warm just a bit, because it was that perfect consistency where it's slightly soft, smooth and spoonable, so I didn't have to to chase a hard rock of ice cream around the bowl with my spoon. You know... just slightly melty around the edges and the tiniest bit gooey. Perfect.
For a dinner like this, you couldn't go to the store and buy the ingredients for $14. This meal definitely makes the list of Provincetown dinners that can be paired with a wide range of breakfast and lunch choices to fit into the 3 Under 35 list. Watch for upcoming posts combing this meal with breakfasts and lunches that will easily give you three meals for well under $35 for the day. And for its combination of wonderful flavors, and its excellent value, TheYearRounder names this meal a Best Bite.
The Seafood Grille at the Waterford Inn is also becoming Provincetown's leading expert on oysters. The family at the table next to mine this evening proclaimed the fried oysters here to be the best in town, so I guess I'll have to return soon to verify that. Ahh, the sacrifices I must make on behalf on my readers...
Raw Bar is a specialty here, too, with several varieties of fresh oysters every day to taste and enjoy. Did you know that just like wine grapes, oysters will take on different flavors and characteristics depending on where they are raised? Look for an upcoming post where I'l spend a bit of time with the oyster experts here to discuss the qualities of various varieties. When someone asked me the other day where to go for champagne and oysters on the half-shell, this is where I sent them. I can't seem to resist having a nice platter of raw bar selections whenever I dine here. They make it easy to do by offering special Raw Bar prices daily until 7 PM, so stop by yourself to taste a variety of different oysters you won't likely find anywhere else.
Did you know that PTown has sixty-eight restaurants where you can sit down at a table for both casual and fine dining, and another two-dozen spots where you can grab something quick to take out? I do my best to get around to every restaurant in town at least once every year, but I could eat out every night for three months and barely make it around the town once, let alone return somewhere to repeat a favorite meal, or to try a new dish at a favorite restaurant. So I guess I spend a disproportionate amount of time at the Seafood Grille, along with a few other favorite haunts, but I can't seem to help myself. One day I'll write about Captain Lavender's rooftop tavern, and the charming 1860s guest house to be found here as well, hence the name Waterford Inn.
Find all of this near the center of town at 386 Commercial Street, between Law and Pearl Streets. For dinner or guesthouse reservations, phone 508 487-6400.

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