Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Bit of PTown Nostalgia

Old postcards like this one, presumed to be set somewhere in the 1940s, take us back to an earlier day in Provincetown, with many of folks here able to remember days gone by when there were a number of wharves along the waterfront.
During this period in our history there were grocery stores on Commercial Street, a couple of them at the corner of Commercial and Standish, where the Lily Pond and the Governor Bradford stand today. There were quite a few schools around the town and dozens of kids could be found on the streets in any given neighborhood, and another dozen down on the wharves any day of the week in the summertime, diving into the water after the coins tossed into the harbor by tourists. In those days Commercial Street was a two-way street, with traffic moving in both directions, and with parking allowed!
The title at the top of this postcard calls it a "quaint harbor scene" of Provincetown. I've found a number of these old postcards on the Internet, and I sometimes buy them when they turn up on eBay or in other spots at a reasonable price. I'll share more of these in future posts about the history of the town. If you have a collection of your own, I'd love to show some of them here, and I'd love to hear about anyone else's recollections of PTown in days gone by.

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