Sunday, August 3, 2014

The West End Racing Club's Annual Fundraising Raffle is Underway in PTown

Kids socialize while learning to swim and sail at the West End Racing Club.
Over about the last 60 years or so the West End Racing Club has offered local kids and summer visitors from 8 to 16 years of age the opportunity to learn to swim and sail safely. Once they learn the basics, they race against each other in small sail boats, with pairs of kids in each boat teaching and learning from each other as well.
Read my August, 2012 post to learn how Provincetown's West End Rcaing Club started out, and how it has grown over the years, thanks to contributions from the public.
The major annual fundraisers for the organization have been the sale of their T-shirts and raffle tickets. Prizes have been donated by local businesses and individuals and have been known to include dinners in local restaurants, paintings by local artists and many other sorts of prizes for lucky ticket holders.
So when you meet these kids on the street, help this great community resource continue to serve our youngsters, simply by forking over a few bucks for a T-shirt and a couple of raffle tickets. Whether you win a prize or not, the real prize is the reward our community gets by providing equipment, instruction and a safe place for our kids to learn skills, develop confidence and make a tremendous difference in their lives.

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