Thursday, January 1, 2015

TheYearRounder Reaches 100,000th Page View on New Year's Day, 2015!

This photo captures my mood today, showing the fireworks
bursting above that red moon rising over Provincetown Harbor
during the Fourth of July, 2012 celebration.
Early this morning the pages of this blog got their 100,000th viewing. Someone, somewhere in the world, clicked onto one of these pages to check out my blog, and kicked my number of page views into six figures, and by 2:35 PM, the number has reached 100,174!
I want to thank all of you, especially those who read my blog frequently, for taking the time to view these pages and see what I think is so special about Provincetown.
This year it will be 27 years since I moved to this remarkable, absolutely amazing little corner of the world, and I am still dumbstruck several times each week as I look around myself and see the beauty that unfolds here every single day, and feel the warmth of a community where the people genuinely do care for one another.
Wherever you might be, we all share a certain delight in all of the things that go to make Provincetown the unique place that it is for each one of us. I can't imagine living anywhere else in the world.
I wish you all joy, good fortune and the best of health as we venture into the New Year, and the time to spend basking in this gorgeous, wondrous place we all love so much.
May we each be happy as the proverbial clam in 2015!


  1. Thank you, and thanks for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy my topics and photos.