Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Decorations Light Up PTown

The lighting of the Pilgrim Monument signals the beginning of Provincetown's holiday season.
Every year, on the night before Thanksgiving, people gather at the Pilgrim Monument, or find another vantage point where they can watch the lights go on as the monument is lit up for the holiday season. Strings of thousands of white lights form a kind of cone from the top, widening out toward the monument's base, creating a sight that many people say resembles a giant Christmas tree, which can sometimes be seen from as far away as the shoreline of Boston on a good, clear night. These lights will be lit at dusk every evening from now on into the New Year.
Other lights and trimmings have appeared around town all week as businesses and homeowners have put up decorations which raise Provincetown's holiday spirits, as well as winning a little cash for those deemed the best, in our annual Holly Folly celebration.
A few stragglers will add more decorations around the town as Christmas approaches, missing the chance for that prize money but adding to the fun and the holiday spirit here at the tip of Cape Cod. People will make trips around town to see the lights and enjoy the sights, like the now-traditional lobster pot "Christmas Tree" display that lights up Lopes Square at this time of year.
Lopes Square's "Lobster Pot Christmas Tree" has become
a favorite holiday decoration of both Townies and visitors.
Touring the town in search of all these decorations has become a tradition of the Council on Aging, Provincetown's senior center, which sponsors its fourth annual light tour on Thursday, December 19th. Folks will gather at the COA's new facilities at 2 Mayflower Street (the former elementary school) at 3:30 PM for carols and refreshments, followed by a tour around the town to see the decorations from the COA shuttle bus. Call the COA at 508 487-7080 for information, or to arrange a ride to and from this event. Watch for more info on holiday events for seniors in upcoming posts.
As more lights and displays appear around town over the next week or so, go for a stroll or gather some friends and take a drive to see the sights. Sunset this week is at 4:09 PM, so by 4:30 it's dark enough to see many of these lights, though some may not come on until folks get home from work and turn on home decorations. One way or another, get out and enjoy the sights of Provincetown during this festive season.

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