Saturday, February 21, 2015

Provincetown Winter Photo Ops

Winter photo of a famous PTown summer landmark.
I shot this photo on Commercial Street the other night when there was a little lull between snow showers in the predawn hours. Tourists, by world renowned sculptor Chaim Gross, stands in front of the Provincetown Public Library, and is probably one of the most photographed spots in town. But that's in the summertime.
Few people ever see pictures of PTown in the winter, which makes for some very popular scenes, seen rarely, even in local photography shops. In fact, snowy Provincetown scenes are some of the best sellers simply for their rarity.
If you have a camera, get outdoors and look for a different slant on things, like a bicycle in the snow, or anything else not typically seen in the summer. Between shots, keep your camera inside your coat to help keep the battery from freezing and running down within just a few photos, and take some extra batteries with you, in an inside pocket. Have fun getting some unusual photos with all this snow on the ground, and elsewhere. Remember to look up, as well.
And don't forget to be careful out there.


  1. Thanks, Linda. The image struck me, and then I moved around until I got things I wanted in the shot, like having the library sign readable in the background, with the sculpture as large as possible in the foreground.
    Thanks for reading my blog. Please pass this on to others who will enjoy this photo.