Saturday, November 7, 2015

Visit The Coffee Pot for an Autumn PTown Breakfast to Eat-in or Take Out

The ultimate breakfast wrap is an entire breakfast rolled into a flour tortilla,
with eggs, cheese and home fries, along with ham, bacon, and sausage. 
As restaurants and shops close for the season, it begins to get harder to find breakfast in PTown. Happily, one of my favorite spots stays open later in the season.
The Coffee Pot has a Commercial Street address, but you'll never find it that way. It's located around the corner, headed toward the pier from the corner of Commercial and Standish streets. It's right across from the Chamber of Commerce, along the side of Lopes Square, just north of the pier.
At the Coffee Pot you can get a plate of eggs, home fries and toast with ham, bacon or sausage, along with a great cup of coffee, and enjoy it in their dining room or on their outdoor cafe tables, both looking over Lopes Square. You can get several great breakfasts, as well as great lunches, to take out, too.
The Coffee Pot's cheesy spinach croissant is great for breakfast or lunch.
The photo above shows the Ultimate Breakfast Wrap. I'll order if I'm really starving. It's made with eggs, all the breakfast meats, cheese, and even home fries all stuffed into a white or whole wheat tortilla, your choice.
You get all the flavors of an entire sit-down breakfast, rolled together for you to eat on-the-go. I call ahead and they have it ready for me to grab and eat it as I squeeze in a few errands before work. If I have a little time to spare I can relax with my breakfast on the benches at Lopes Square, or take my food to the edge of the water nearby, and watch the birds and the boats come and go.
Visit Linda and Nelson at the Coffee Pot for a leisurely breakfast with your newspaper, or for a breakfast you can take with you as you go about your day. You can give them a call at 508 487-2580 for an order to pick up. Enjoy your breakfast, and enjoy your day.

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