Monday, July 1, 2019

Rosie's Mexican Cantina Livens Up PTown's Ethnic Food Landscape

I cut Rosie's burrito in half so you can see all the good things that fill it to bursting,
I visited Rosie's Mexican Cantina the other day to try one of their burritos, which I had heard only good things about, and folks were right... This was a really good burrito.

Each one (and there are six choices) starts with a large, fresh, flour tortilla, which will be rolled and wrapped around a mountain of quality ingredients. Mexican rice, refried beans, cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream are all stuffed in, making a wonderful, satisfying, vegetarian choice, selling for $10. You can also add any of five meats to your burrito for just a dollar more.

Most of Rosie's menu items offer a great vegetarian version, and you can add meat if you choose. I ordered my burrito, shown above, with carne asaada.
This proved to be a generous portion of delicious strips of seasoned beef steak for just a buck, and well worth it. Both red and green hot sauces were served on the side.

The Burrito Bowl, also $10, is a little bit larger serving of all those great stuffings, served in a bowl, sans tortilla, in case you're skipping carbs or gluten these days. Again, add meat for $1.

You may never have had truly fresh tortilla chips. They're amazing!
On this trip I also got the chance to taste Rosie's fantastic, light, fresh tortilla chips, right out of the fryer, and without a hint of grease.
They taste so fresh! Now I might be spoiled for any other tortilla chips, and I want to try their nachos.
Of course, they also make their own fresh guacamole, whipped up daily in their tiny kitchen, from scratch.

The menu at Rosie's Cantina brings Mexican favorites like tacos, flautas, and tostados to Commercial Street every day of the summer season, with a rotating daily special that might be a mole, maybe pulled pork, their spicy
Look for Rosie's spicy burritos, sometimes a daily special.
tamale, shown here, or any number of other daily offerings.

You'll find this little walk-up, counter service joint in the former Burger Queen spot, at 331 Commercial Street. There's covered outdoor seating at picnic tables, or you can take your meal to go.
Oddly, there's no phone at Rosie's, so you can't call in your order. You'll have to wait a bit while they cook your food, but they're actually pretty quick.

You may want to carry your to-go order around the corner and head down toward the pier, about a block away, to one of PTown's great little pocket parks.
Right at the edge of the harbor, just beyond the municipal parking lot, you'll find a narrow strip of land, about eight feet wide, full of park benches and trees.
It runs the entire width of the waterfront between MacMillan Pier and Fishermen's Wharf. It's a great place to relax, have a picnic lunch, and to see the whale watch boats and ferries sailing in and out of the harbor.
Rosie's is open daily, currently till 9 PM, and will likely extend their hours as the summer gets into full swing. I'm not sure what time they open, and there's no way to call and check while I'm writing this, but I know breakfast is served all day long. That suggests opening hours earlier than the typical 11:30 AM, when most restaurants begin serving lunch.
The food is good, it's not expensive, and this expansion of ethnic flavors on Commercial Street is most welcome, so stop by and give Rosie's Traditional Mexican Cantina a try.

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