Thursday, September 20, 2012

Daily Jamaican Special at West End Angel Foods is a PTown Bargain, and a Best Bite

One of the best deals on a meal in PTown is the Jamaican daily special at the new Angel Foods at the General Store, at 147 Commercial Street. This neighborhood deli, which had been the Provincetown General Store for many years, was taken over this summer by the folks who have run Angel Foods on the east end of Commercial Street, across from the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, for many years as well.
Prices seem to have gone up a bit on a number of items here, but an outstanding value has been added with the Jamaican meal which now augments the menu of takeout choices, with different offerings every day. This day they had three choices: brown stew pork or goat, or fried chicken. When I said I loved any kind of brown stewed dish and couldn't decide, they offered to make me a plate with a combination of goat and pork. Whatever choice you make will be served with a huge mound of rice and peas (actually rice and beans to Americans) and some sliced tomatoes, jam-packed into a "to go" box.
Brown stew typically is a sort of light sauce or gravy used to marinate whatever meat is used, and then the dish is simmered in the same marinade with a few more ingredients added. It usually includes coconut milk, scallions, onions, tomatoes, garlic, thyme, a little hot pepper and usually a little lime juice. The rice and beans are also very tasty, with the distinctive flavor of coconut milk. Any brown stew dish will be a little bit spicy and really delicious with whatever type of meat or poultry might be used. Americans may not be used to eating goat, but it is a staple in Jamaican kitchens and is quite good. Whatever you choose from the day's list of Jamaican specialty dishes, it always has a great flavor, the serving is huge and the price is about $11, making this dish consistently a Best Bite.


  1. Just ate at Angel Foods' Jamaican restaurant (turn into alley at Twisted Sister on Commercial St), called One Love. Jerk pork -- fabulous. Loved the sides, cool against the spicy meat. The lady there, June, is the nicest person!! Jamaican bottled beverages of all sorts. I cannot WAIT to go back. Gotta try every dish! A great addition to P'town!

  2. Also sometimes called Mr. Brown's, this new little Jamaican cafe is terrific, having relocated from the West End location I wrote about above. It's now in the center of town, near the bus plaza, in the former Lucky Dog spot, with dishes ranging from fried chicken to curried goat, from oxtail to brown stew fish, with rice and peas and your choice of sides like potato salad, coleslaw, or hot vegetables. Generous servings are very tasty, and these are just plain nice people, too. Open early spring till late autumn.
    And thanks for reading my blog!