Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Writer's Voice Cafe Helps Provincetown Get Back to Normal Following the Blizzard

As we're all digging out from the Blizzard of 2013, some of us are just a little bit desperate to feel "normal" again.
I don't know about any of you, but that would definitely be me. Even though it was only a few days of serious disruption in my life, this storm changed me.
I'll be writing about the blizzard and its effects on me in a couple of days, once I can sort of digest some more of the feelings I'm having about the whole experience. When we lost power again on Monday I immediately got a big knot in the pit of my stomach, my heart sank as it started beating a little faster, and a clammy anxiety began slowly expanding from the center of my body. As the hours passed and the house began to grow cold, again, I began to grow despondent. I've got to figure out how to reshape this new automatic gut response I seem to have developed, given the way the electricity goes out so often around here.
In the meantime, one way for me to feel more "normal" is to get back to writing this blog on a regular basis. Funny, in the summertime when I was up to my eyebrows in the struggle to make enough money to survive another season in Provincetown, I was out every day taking photos, sampling food, visiting beaches, trails and attractions, and writing every day about things to see, do and taste in PTown. Oddly, when my schedule changed at the end of the summer, and the pressure was off, everything sort of shifted a bit, and I got out of the habit of writing. Taking up this blog again is a great way for me to gat a little of that rhythm back, and to shake off some of the trauma of the storm, along with some of the feelings of such vulnerability to the treacheries of Mother Earth. Besides, I have something great to turn you on to, just in case you don't already know about it...
Life in PTown gets back to normal again tonight at 7 PM. Every second Wednesday of the month, from the autumn season through June, the Writer's Voice Cafe meets upstairs at Napi's Restaurant in Provincetown, at the corner where Freeman Street meets Standish. Writers of every stripe gather to read anything they've written, anything that strikes them. We're midway through the sixth season of this monthly showcase for local writers. On any given night you might hear, or read yourself, anything from a comic monologue to an editorial on gun control, from a work in progress to a finished poem, or any other sort of written piece. Each week there's a featured writer, followed by an open mic session for any kind of written work. 
The mission of Writer's Voice Cafe is to provide writers of all media with the opportunity to share their work and to connect with others in the community by providing a public forum for writers, for support and inspiration. The Cafe has featured writers as diverse as members of the Truro Memoir Writers Group on one evening, and 2012 Provincetown High School valedictorian Angela Martinez on another night. The evening is sometimes recored for local cable TV, and you can click on this link to see Angela's reading. Find more of these readings on Vimeo or at
Maria Nazos, tonight's featured writer, lives and
works in Provincetown and in Mal Pais, Costa Rica
Better still, come to Napi's tonight at 7 PM and hear from tonight's featured writer, poet and lyrical essayist Maria Nazos, author of A Hymn That Meanders, published by Wising Up Press. Maria earned her MFA in Writing from Sarah Lawrence College and has been awarded a number of scholarships and fellowships from prestigious organizations such as the Santa Fe Art Institute, the Vermont Studio Center, the Squaw Valley Community of Writers, and our own Fine Arts Work Center, here in Provincetown.
Settle in with a nice cup of coffee and listen as Maria reads this evening's selections, followed by the open mic section and the work of other writers. Or sign up to read something of your own. There's no admission charge. Sometime during the evening the hat will be passed to gather contributions which will go to the featured writer.
If you go early you can have dinner downstairs in the dining room, where you'll find some unusual menu items, and you'll enjoy one of the town's most eclectic collections of art, ranging from fine paintings by John Whorf and many others to the brick mural by Conrad Malicoat and the cartoons of Howie Schneider. We thank Napi and Helen Van Dereck for offering the space for this event, and for their ongoing support of the artists and writers of Provincetown.

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