Monday, February 24, 2014

Pizza Hits the Spot Year-Round, Now With Lunchtime Delivery From George's

A mushroom slice from George's Pizza always warms me up.
Open year-round, they now offer delivery from noon till 10 PM daily.
It was past noon, about 22 degrees, and windy to boot,
so I needed to warm up a little.
Nothing sounded better than a hot slice of pizza fresh from the oven.
In the summertime Provincetown offers some 90 restaurants, coffee shops, delis and takeouts where you can sit down for a meal or grab a quick bite to go, but winter leaves us with just a handful of year-round eateries, and in the off-season there's not always something to eat nearby.
So when I walked into George's Pizza (275 Commercial Street) and ordered my favorite mushroom slice, I was happy to find that they had just begun offering delivery service during lunch hours in addition to their usual evening delivery service. Now you can get salads, hot or cold sandwiches, lasagna, soft drinks, and of course, pizza, brought right to your door from noon till 10 PM. For a delivery charge of $2 you can gat a meal delivered anywhere between the Provincetown Inn and the North Truro police station.
You can see in the photo above that I like my pizza sprinkled with all the condiments: crushed red pepper, oregano, garlic and a bit of parmesan cheese. If you remember to ask for these seasonings, George's will tuck them into your delivery order.
Of course, you can drop in for a meal at a table or at the full bar, where you can watch sports or other TV events, play video games or chat with the assortment of Townies that can randomly be found here at any time of day. Or call George's Pizza at 508 487-3744 for delivery day or night.

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