Friday, February 28, 2014

Provincetown's Off-season Public Art

Delightful murals adorn many closed shops, brightening PTown's off-season.
Click on photo for a better view of the art spanning John's and Turner's fronts.
A beautiful mural of Provincetown Harbor stretches across the entire front of the building where the order and pickup windows at John's Footlong and at Turner's Candy and Ice Cream are boarded up for the winter. You'll find this bit of off-season public art right in the center of town, on the west side of the street, across from Lopes Square.
There are a few other spots where you'll find artwork rather than just plywood protecting windows of shops and restaurants closed for the winter, if you look for them. Most of them will be found on Commercial Street. This kind of public art makes it a lot more fun for visitors to walk through our streets in the off-season as they look for a spot open for lunch or a shop that's open for business at this time of the year.
More of this sort of art in the streets would begin to attract more visitors, too. And how nice it would be if more businesses gave us something pleasant to look at while they were closed for the season.

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