Monday, March 3, 2014

Just Two More Nights for Provincetown Theater's 2014 Winter Reading Series

There are just two more Tuesday nights left in the 2014 Winter Reading Series at Provincetown Theater. Tomorrow night, March 4th, the scheduled reading will be
It’s a Grand Night for Murder, by Joe Starzyk.
The following description is from Joe Starzyk's website

"It's A Grand Night For Murder"
The premise is simple: An older man wants to kill his wife to be with his younger mistress. The complications arise when he tries to act on this impulse. His erstwhile hit man, Ginger Baer (but pronounced Beer) is a former asst. manager at Red Lobster. He mistakenly wins the heart of a man in a bar, Ramon and then takes him into his confidence. Ramon brings Dinsmore along for help and no one knows what to make of the delightfully creepy Cablewoman. The end is full of dark surprises and of course love conquers all.

Each year authors and their plays are chosen to fill Tuesday night of every winter week with something new, to give us all a good reason to get out of the house and soak up a little culture among our fellow humans on a cold winter's night. Readings of these plays take place onstage at the Provincetown Theater, at 238 Bradford Street, at 7:30 PM.
The last reading of the season will be next Tuesday, March 11th, featuring Suzannah and Her Mothers, by James Marlow. Suggested donation for a seat at these readings is $10. Call the theater at 508 487-7487 or visit their website at

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