Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Where Are We? (Hint: You Only See This Door in Provincetown's Off-season)

This rustic old door is a sight not seen for most of the summer, when it stays open nearly all of the time.
Get out your camera and carry it with you, and really notice how many things you can see in the off-season that you won't really see again until after the summer. The door above is a good example. One day last week, as the sun was getting lower in the sky, I noticed it shining on this charming old door, with its weathered brass porthole from an old ship long abandoned, and I realized I'd never really noticed it before. How could I have missed it, I thought? And then I realized I just might have never seen it before, though it's been here for years, as have I.
Most of the time I'm passing by this spot it is at the height of the summer season, and this door is propped open most any time you might walk past it. Can you place it?
The vast majority of the hundreds of people that visit this building every single summer afternoon use the driveway rather than this door, walking down the incline that leads beneath the Boatslip and out onto its deck for its world famous Tea Dance. And although I've walked through this door many times on my way to the bar, or to the restaurant when it was operating, I've never really seen these gorgeous old wooden planks of varying widths, the massive, old-fashioned strap hinges, and that marvelous brass porthole of a window, because I think this door has been propped open on every single occasion when I've walked through it.
The winter may not be Provincetown's favorite season for a lot of us, but the snow has provided some beautiful sights for us this winter, and at this time of the year there are lots of things to notice as the season changes, so look for them, enjoy them, and snap a photo or two as you make your way around the town. You'll be much richer for it.

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