Tuesday, March 18, 2014

PTown Beach Tease

A single day of warmer weather is enough for people to get out and enjoy Provincetown beaches.
A little rain, a little snow, and, of course, these freaking winds that we've had to adjust to over the last couple of winters…
The persistently cold, wet weather of this memorable winter is slowly giving way to some warmer temperatures and a bit of sunshine, and soon an afternoon at the beach will be downright balmy. We're gaining about 26 minutes of daily sunlight every 10 days, with the sun rising a minute or two earlier each day, and setting a minute later each night, but what's really helping our spirits might just be that pesky Daylight Savings Time switch we just went through.
Although turning the clock ahead an hour every spring disorients a lot of us for a short time, and actually makes a few people a bit ill as their internal clocks adjust to the time change twice a year, we all seem to rejoice a little or a lot as the days lengthen. Perhaps we notice it most in the evenings, with this extra few minutes of light extending the day on the end that most of us are awake for, the twilight moments before the sunset… The perfect time to be on the beach.
With our air temperature hitting 45 degrees (for a few hours) and our air speed hitting something under 30 miles per hour (for those same few hours this past weekend,) folks turned up at the beach dressed in something less than ski parkas and mufflers, and another day-long spring romp was enjoyed by all before St. Patrick's Day returned us to gusting winds and a high temperature in the mid 20s. Patience seems to be the key word these past few weeks, as we occasionally get a day's respite from the unusually cold weather and bone chilling winds of this winter.
We're grateful to have a warmer day here and there, even if it's only a tease.

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