Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pond Ducks Walk on Water

A trio of ducks splash across melting pond ice during PTown's brief winter thaw.
The recent spring-like temperatures, with a Provincetown high of 50 degrees the other day, have melted a bit of the blanket of ice that has chilled us during the last few weeks.
As the edge of the pond in Beech Forest began to thaw, a soft wind gently blew the meltwater over the ice and several feet out into the pond, splashing half-an-inch or so of water onto the thick layer of ice that had overspread every inch of Black Water Pond during the recent cold snap. We all rejoiced in nearly a week of warmer weather, and a couple of gorgeous, sunny days.
Folks were seen out walking on the trails in Beech Forest, on the Old Colony Nature Pathway and on other trails around Provincetown. As sidewalks thawed people came outdoors again to stroll our neighborhoods, and it was a busy weekend at the dog park. And although we're heading back into colder weather again, along with more snow, the temperatures won't be quite as cold as they have been, and we have the recent memory of a few lovely days to sustain us as we wait for the spring that can come none too soon after the cold and snowy winter we've had this year.

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