Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lewis Brothers Homemade Ice Cream Returns for 17th Season in Provincetown

It was too cold to eat your ice cream outdoors today, but business was still
brisk as Lewis Brothers served up homemade ice cream, made right here.
Spring brings our summer favorites back for business up and down Commercial Street. Even though the weather has been quite chilly most days, people still want ice cream. That's what you do on vacation. Ice cream is fun!
The Lewis Brothers have been making their terrific homemade ice cream right in their Commercial Street shop since 1999. Several varieties of ice cream are churned out fresh every day, among them the 20 flavors you'll always find on the menu, along with a number of more exotic choices that may turn up on any given day.
My favorite is ginger, a special ice cream the Lewis Brothers created for a Commercial Street restaurant's dessert menu several years ago. Though the restaurant is gone now, thankfully this unique flavor turns up on the board several times over the summer, with dozens of others that may be the flavor of the week at any given time. Standard favorites like black raspberry, cookie dough or maple walnut are listed alongside of specialties like chocolate mint Oreo, Grape Nut or green tea. And if you're traveling with kids, watch out for the adult flavors, like chocolate Guinness, Limoncello, white Russian or half-a-dozen others that are made with a bit of alcohol. Yum!
If you're watching your calories or sugar, there are choices for you, too. Chocolate or vanilla soft serve, along with orange or rainbow sherbet, are all 95% fat-free, and 100% fat-free frozen yogurt comes in vanilla or peach. There's also sugar-free ice cream in vanilla or butter pecan, and fruit smoothies or frozen fruit purées are available.
Generous servings make Lewis Brothers a
 popular Provincetown ice cream destination.
Of course, if you want to go completely in the opposite direction, you can get a classic banana split, or a giant sundae drenched in homemade hot fudge or any of 20 toppings like rainbow or chocolate sprinkles, walnuts, Gummy Bears, Butterfinger crumble, M&Ms, strawberries, Oreo crumble or homemade whipped cream.
I order my sundae with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, a little whipped cream and marshmallow, sprinkled with chopped almonds and, of course, the ubiquitous cherry on top. I order the small sundae. I'm not sure if I could finish the large one.
An awful lot of folks consider Lewis Brothers Ice Cream a must on every visit to PTown, and in the summer you can find them in Truro as well when they bring their solar powered ice cream truck to the beaches, and on Mondays they are scooping ice cream at the Truro Farmers Market from 8 AM till noon. You'll find them at other events around the Cape, and you can book them for your own party or event.
Another reason we love Lewis Brothers is because they are a green business. They do their best to help the planet and to protect the fragile ecosystem that surrounds us, hence the solar powered ice cream truck. They have achieved a Level One Cape and Islands Green Certification, and we thank them for their commitment to the environment and for their terrific ice cream!

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