Thursday, July 9, 2015

People Watching is a Pleasant PTown Passtime

Haley enjoys a little people watching from the Town Hall benches,
along with her companions Ryan and Scott.
I met Haley on Commercial Street the other day, along with her companions Ryan and Scott. Haley is a maltipoo, a combination of Maltese and poodle, although she doesn't really acknowledge that heritage, for the same reason she eschews the dog park: it's full of dogs, and she's not really convinced that she is one. Instead, she can often be found dining on the patio at the Crown and Anchor, or on the deck at Pepe's Wharf.
Haley is a frequent visitor to Provincetown, traveling here regularly from her home in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. She has a little place on Court Street, which she shares with Ryan and Scott. She's most often found taking in the sights on Commercial Street, where she enjoys an afternoon of people watching, or she can be found shopping in the local boutiques. Haley has her own clothes closet, and Ryan and Scott say that she has more outfits than Thirsty Burlington.

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