Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ross' Grill Earns 'Best Bite' Award

The complex, delightful flavors of Executive Chef Omar Neil's
fennel bisque earn a Best Bite award for Ross' Grill, in the Whalers Wharf.
TheYearRounder's Best Bite award is given to recognize a really good dish or meal, or a restaurant that is consistently outstanding, or a genuine bargain in a Provincetown eatery. A Best Bite award goes this week to Ross' Grill for their phenomenal fennel bisque, drizzled with a little chive oil.
This velvety soup has a depth of flavors that defies description. It is simply the best thing I've tasted in PTown restaurants over the last couple of weeks. We hope to see this soup du jour appearing again on Ross' menu, soon.
It's the creation of Chef Omar Neil, in the kitchen at Ross' Grill for the past 8 years, now in his 2nd year as executive chef. Bravo!

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