Saturday, October 24, 2015

Last Call for Angel's Breakfast with Noreen

Noreen's Florentine version of her superb Eggs Benedict, with fresh baby spinach.
There are a few spots in PTown known for their great breakfast, like Chach, the two Devon's, Cafe Edwige and Cafe Heaven, and some of them have gotten a bit of recognition from a few publications that name their favorite dishes around the Cape every year. Cape Cod Life Magazine named Chach for the best breakfast on the Outer Cape in 2015. Cafe Heaven came in second, and was also recognized by Cape Cod Magazine in their June article about 50 Things to Eat on Cape Cod, naming Heaven's blueberry pancakes. Chach was also named in this blog last spring, when it earned TheYearRounder's Best Bite award for the outstanding blueberry pancakes to be found there. But there's a little spot off the beaten path that most folks have yet to find...
This buttermilk waffle with a strawberry-blueberry compote was a daily special.
I think the godmother of great breakfasts in PTown, simply has to be Noreen, whose fabulous morning repast I first found many, many years ago when she was slinging hash, turning out a perfect eggs Benedict, and baking a streuselly, brioche French toast in the little coffee shop hidden away at the Tides Best Western Motel on the outskirts of Provincetown, delighting anyone who could find the place. Her homemade corned beef hash is indeed the stuff of legends.
That little place was tucked away near an expanse of beach in the Far East End, off of Commercial Street, just before the North Truro border. Every time you'd walk into the joint it would be packed with locals, each of us a little reluctant to mention the place to any but the closest of friends, lest the tourists find the spot and make it impossible to get a table. If any of us breathed a word about this little jewel to another living soul, that person would then have to be sworn to secrecy, under pain of banishment, so as not to let the word out to the public and ruin a good thing.
Noreen's "green eggs and ham" stirs fresh homemade pesto, parmesan cheese
and Black Forest ham into scrambled eggs, and it's one of my favorite meals.
When the motel was sold, and later razed to create all those McMansions now built on that spot, Noreen began to seek out space to share in "dinner only" restaurants that were not really using their kitchens until late afternoon, and has served her celebrated breakfast that way, from a number of Provincetown's many underused kitchens, ever since.
When Noreen, and Liz, of Angel Foods fame, put their heads together with Jim at the Gifford House, Angel's Breakfast with Noreen was born at 9 Carver Street, inside the historic Gifford House Inn, at the top of the hill where Carver and Bradford streets meet.
This summer there was just one rainy day when I couldn't go to work, so I spent that unexpected morning off having various treats, both sweet and savory, from Noreen's breakfast menu. I've always thought that sometime I'd try one of her lunches, but in all these years I've not been able to resist the allure of my old favorites, or any number of breakfast specials that have called out to me, like the omelet with flame roasted Fiji apples, black forest ham and cream cheese, with multigrain toast (Iggy's bakery) and Noreen's wonderful, herby home fries.
This little hidden jewel closes for the season on Sunday afternoon, November 1st.
I'm determined to try the steak sandwich, with a 6 ounce Black Angus sirloin grilled to order, topped with Gorgonzola sauce, red onion jam and fresh thyme on a toasted baguette, served with those great home fries. I'm meeting friends there tomorrow.
We're now into the last two weekends of Noreen's season. She'll be open from
8 AM till 1 PM tomorrow, Sunday, October 25th, and on Monday, and then again Friday through Sunday of Halloween weekend, and then gone for the season. Don't miss out!

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