Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Today is National Chocolate Day!

National Chocolate Day is celebrated annually in the United States on October 28th.
Although it doesn't hold the status or the official designation from our government to
to be celebrated as a true, national holiday, with paid time off from work, banks and public
buildings closed, and no mail delivery, perhaps it should be celebrated that way. 
We should all have the day off to celebrate the occasion as we please, and as conscience
dictates, with relatives flying in for a family gathering, and a feast of dozens of chocolate
treats made from cherished family recipes handed down through generations.
Chocolate Day is at least as relevant as Columbus Day… Who's with me?

The photo above and the text below are taken from,
where you'll find something to celebrate just about any day of the year.

Although there's no guarantee of what you'll find in local restaurants tonight, here are 
a few examples of chocolatey favorites I've had in spots still open this time of year…

Tin Pan Alley's pot du creme, sort of an ultra-dense, dark chocolate mousse.
Lobster Pot's brownie sundae, drizzled with chocolate or caramel sauce (or both)
The Mews provides instructions involving use of a steak knife to eat its
"Extreme Cookies and Cream" ice cream sandwich, often shared by two or more.
Far Land's chocolate cake, with thick, fudgy frosting between three rich layers.
I've forgotten what Angel Foods calls this fudgy, cakey, nutty treat.
The Central House at the Crown & Anchor once offered a chocolate
caramel tort with chocolate gelato on chocolate cooky crumbs.
Provincetown Fudge Factory makes a gazillion varieties of beautiful candies,
and fudge in flavors both simple and exotic, like Bailey's Irish Cream.
Post Office Cafe's triple chocolate cake actually puts 7 kinds of chocolate on
the plate, perhaps the closest you'll ever come to actual "death by chocolate."
Vorelli's chocolate madness cake - chocolate cake crumb crust, layered with
chocolate mousse blended with Heath brownie chunks and chocolate truffles.
The Purple Feather makes chocolate cakes, candies, gelato, and don't forget
the chocolate covered bacon,  dipped in either dark or milk chocolate.

This post is for my sister Carolee, who is the biggest chocoholic I know.
Happy National Chocolate Day!

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