Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Coffee Pot Opens for 29th Season, Signaling Spring in Provincetown

The Coffee Pot's "Rescue Squad" breakfast sandwich is among the best in town.
One sure sign of spring in Provincetown is The Coffee Pot opening up for the new season. This will be their 29th summer serving breakfast, lunch, supper and fresh baked goods, right in the heart of PTown.
You'll find them at the edge of Lopes Square, just before MacMillan Pier, and right across from the Chamber of Commerce.
Even though their address is listed on Commercial Street, you'll find Coffee Pot by walking toward the pier and the harbor from the corner of Commercial and Standish streets. It's a Provincetown thing. They're in the center of a long, narrow building that once stretched all the way from Commercial Street to the beach, so the entire building still retains the old Commercial Street address.
Each year, as spring billows into Provincetown, The Coffee Pot is one of the first spots to open. I'm always eager to have my first breakfast sandwich after the long winter without one. I usually make my first order a Rescue Squad with cheddar. This may be the most satisfying breakfast sandwich on the cape. I'm pretty sure it's the biggest.
They take a really big sub roll and toast it on the grill while the eggs, sausage and bacon are cooking. In go three large eggs, two big sausage patties side by side, and 3 slices of bacon, cooked just right. Two slices of cheese complete the sandwich. I order mine with cheddar. I usually get the eggs cooked as a fluffy omelet, but this day I had 'em fried. I paired my breakfast with a nice, robust cup of coffee. For me, it's dark roast all the way.

Omelet-style egg, slices of grilled deli ham, cheese, of course - Breakfast # 5
Now I'm jonesing for a ham and egg and cheddar on a croissant. And a breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, cheese and salsa rolled in a tortilla. Add meat if you'd like, but I kind of like it without. You can also get your basic plate of eggs, home fries and toast for $5.99. That's a PTown bargain.
Breakfast sandwiches are a natural for takeout, and if you call ahead, Nelson and Linda and the gang can have your food ready when you get there to pick it up. Call 508•487•2580. Or make it a sit-down affair in their dining room with picture windows looking out onto Lopes Square, or you can have your meal in the sun and the breeze of their open air patio, which welcomes well behaved pets.
They also make a great lunch for after your whale watch, but we'll talk about that another day.
Enjoy your meal, and have a glorious day in Provincetown!

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