Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Seafood Grille at the Waterford Inn Offers a Great Lobster Special, and a Best Bite

The Seafood Grille's perfectly cooked lobster is a Best Bite
Tuesday night is lobster night at the Seafood Grille at the Waterford Inn. They have reduced prices on lobsters of most any size you care to take on. This one was a four-pounder.
I ordered it solo, with a side of corn on the cob. It took me over an hour to eat it.
When I go out for lobster I'm really just interested in a good sized lobster, and an ear of corn. I generally don't care about adding a cup of chowder, steamers, mussels, potato or any of the other things that might make the meal a New England "clambake" because I order such a large lobster that I won't have any room to eat all those other things, delicious as they might be; I am there for the lobster.
So as I settled in at my table at the Seafood Grille for the wait as my four pound lobster was cooking, I removed my wristwatch as I always do when I'm about to tackle a big lobster. I had already scrubbed my hands till they were impeccably clean, and I had turned off my cell phone and donned the requisite lobster bib. I was ready to enjoy the king of the crustaceans, without distractions or interruptions. When this beauty came out of the kitchen other diners exclaimed, and asked about its size, some of them suffering from a little "lobster envy."
Although I've eaten at the Seafood Grille many times, this was my first time trying their lobster, and my hopes were tentative, having recently been disappointed at two "lobster specials" found in other establishments where the poor lobsters had given their lives only to have the kitchen completely botch the job of cooking them. What a delightful surprise to find that this would turn out to be the best lobster I had ever had! This month marks 24 years that I've been eating whole lobsters out of the shell, having not bothered much with the skimpy, overcooked, tasteless lobster tails I'd had in western restaurants before I moved to the East Coast. This was simply the most perfectly cooked, most succulent lobster it's ever been my pleasure to crack and eat, and that makes it TheYearRounder's choice as this week's Best Bite.
Actually, eating a large lobster is a little easier than eating a small one because the legs and body are bigger, and it's actually easier to get those larger nuggets of meat out of the body, where there is a tremendous amount of good meat to be found on larger lobsters. Over the years I've learned how to get to every bit of that meat, so it can take me a while to eat a lobster.
On Tuesday nights at the Seafood Grille, at 386 Commercial Street, you can get a lobster up to five pounds at a special low price based on the weight of the lobster, and you can have it served in any of three ways: you can order your lobster as a clambake, with all the trimmings mentioned above, or have it served "baked stuffed" with a seafood stuffing, or you can have it served all by itself. They also serve a number of other entrees featuring lobster from their regular menu. There's also a Monday night "all you can eat" fish and chips special for just $18. I hope these specials go on for a while, giving me a chance to return for another big lobster, perfectly cooked and at a bargain price, and a chance to try the fish and chips, too.

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