Sunday, July 7, 2013

What's New? More New Food to Taste in the Center of Provincetown at The Canteen

Try the Cod Bánh Mì sandwich at The Canteen. 
A couple of weeks ago we began a tour through the center of PTown looking for new foods available in a number of established eateries as well as new ones. Let's check in on our new friends at The Canteen, at 225 Commercial Street. Nearly the entire menu there could easily end up on these pages over the next few weeks because this little counter service restaurant is brand new this year, and so many of their dishes are so unusual. Some are things many of us have never heard of.
The sandwich at the right is the one I said I wanted to try next time I went to The Canteen. It's the Cod Bánh Mì, heralding from Vietnam. Typically this sandwich is made with pickled daikon, cucumber, jalapeño and fresh cilantro, and in Vietnam it would traditionally be filled with ham and a bit of liver pâté, but instead The Canteen uses fresh cod marinated in miso. I wanted to try this sandwich because often I don't care much for pickled foods and I wanted to see if they could make me like it. It was actually quite good. It's served with their homemade cucumber pickles on the side. The bread is toasted a bit so it's nice and crusty. It's something I will order again.
They've now added a hot dog Bánh Mì to the menu. I tried to give that one a taste the other day, but there was a long line of people waiting to order and I was on my way to work, so I'll have to stop by again soon. I want to try the pork tacos, too. They smoke their own meats, so I expect the tacos to be amazing. They make their own linguica, too, and it has a nice smoky flavor. On the recommendation of a fellow diner I tried the kale and linguica sandwich one day and it was delicious.
Sadly, the rhubarb season has come to an end, so the homemade rhubarb soda is done for the season, but the good news is... fresh peaches are now ripe and available, so there will be peach soda to accompany my next meal there, which will definitely include the Mexican style corn-on-the-cob. By the end of the summer I hope to have worked my way around this menu of unusual treats and seafood favorites. I'm eager to start over again with a plate of Pucci wings!

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