Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tennessee Williams Fans Converge on PTown for Annual Four-day Festival

Four days of events in Provincetown celebrate the life and works of Tennessee Williams.
Provincetown's annual Tennessee Williams Theater Festival gets under way today, launching four days of events ranging from discussions for those who may not be as familiar with the life and work of Williams as they'd like to be, to a southern barbecue and whiskey evening, to the world premier of a play written by young Tom Williams before he adopted the monicker "Tennessee."
Williams grew up in the Delta, near the mouth of the Mississippi River, where soulful blues music poured out of "juke joints" where people flocked to dance, drink, and to forget their troubles. Award winning blues piano and vocal artist Eden Brent has travelled to PTown from Mississippee to help transform the Surf Club into a juke joint for a few hours on Friday and Saturday night. There are many plays, events and parties scheduled during the festival to immerse us in the works, the history and the culture of one of our greatest American playwrights, and a frequent visitor to Provincetown over many of the summers during the 1940s.
Find information on the festival at and check out the many events scheduled daily beginning at 10:30 AM and running some nights through midnight. Find descriptions of the various scheduled events of the TW festival, and the many plays being produced, each with several performances between now and Sunday night. Plays range from the well-known Cat on a Hot Tin Roof  to some that are rarely seen. Slapstick Tragedy: The Mutilated is a highly anticipated event with five performances during the festival. This seldom-seen production will feature performances by cult film legend Mink Stole, gaining fame in John Waters films ranging from Desperate Living to Serial Mom, and Penny Arcade, who blossomed as a superstar at a tender age, during her teen years spent in Andy Warhol's Factory.
To make a contribution toward running this wonderful yearly Provincetown gathering of Tennessee Williams enthusiasts, or to volunteer to help make it all happen (and get some great volunteer perks) or to get information on all the events scheduled over the next few days, you can drop by the old firehouse at 246 Commercial Street, just west of Town Hall.

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