Thursday, May 15, 2014

Street Performers Make Their Annual Pilgrimage to Provincetown

Another fine musician joins PTown's summer lineup.
This woman is dressed for the chill that still hangs in the PTown air. She plays her accordion with great skill, and it will be a pleasure to have her in town. She spent a good bit of the winter in the Florida Keys, and most recently has played on the streets of Burlington, Vermont.
In the few moments that I talked with her I learned that she's been playing and traveling extensively, busking for a time wherever she has found the opportunity, and hopes to find a way to be able to spend the summer here in Provincetown. We would all be the richer for it.
Within that same few moments, three prominent local musicians, known for street performances and cabaret appearances, stopped to welcome her and to make connections.
Ya gotta love a town like this!

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