Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Where Are We? Finding This Auto Bumper Zebra Could Win You a PTown Prize

This five foot tall zebra is sculpted mainly from automobile bumpers.

Where are we? If you can identify this Provincetown location, or perhaps another one in the coming weeks, you could win a nice little prize from a PTown restaurant, bakery, boutique, gallery, psychic, entertainer, gardener, massage therapist, hardware store, coffee shop, bike shop, babysitter, taxi, personal trainer, hair stylist, deli, harbor cruise, vegan chef, seamstress, photographer, fudge shop, farmer's market, bookstore, crafts person, kayak rental, florist, web designer, beekeeper...
Restaurants, shops, galleries and service providers of all stripes are contributing to an on-going and ever-growing pool of prizes, little rewards for your attentiveness, as you make your way around the town. Your acute powers of observation could win you a specialty cocktail at a local restaurant or bar, or perhaps a gift certificate for the hardware store, a Tee shirt, Sunday Brunch, a gourmet coffee drink, or any number of nifty Provincetown prizes both large and small.
The life-size animal above is the creation of world renowned sculptor John Kearney, who divides his time between his homes in Chicago and Provincetown. Each summer the Berta Walker Gallery displays one of his large metal creatures out front. Click to see more John Kearney sculpture. I'll tell you more about him when I announce the winner. Keep an eye out for this amazing work of art as you make your way through the town and you could win a beautiful calendar of Provincetown and the National Seashore by famed local photographer Charles Fields.
To enter the contest, send an e-mail with its location to theyearrounder@wildglobe.com, or send a text or voice message by dialing 42423-PTOWN (424 237-8696) by 2 AM on Saturday, May 31st, 2014. If more than one correct entry is received on time, a random drawing from all entries will determine the winner.

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