Sunday, March 22, 2015

Enjoy Far Land's Townie Winter Dinners While You Can

Far Land's dinner specials for this week offer
great diversity, something for everyone,
and reasonable prices, as always.
There aren't many nights left to get in on Far Land's popular dinner specials, unless we can persuade them to extend their Townie Winter Dinners into the spring…
Monday through Thursday, till the end of March, Far Land Provisions, found at 150 Bradford Street, offers special dinners to eat in or take out, with a choice for meat-eaters and one for vegetarians.
This week's menu is at the left. I'm torn between Tuesday's Mediterranean Night selections, and the Wednesday night choice between Southwest Favorites.
I crave ethnic foods, and I don't know why more PTown restaurants don't offer more culturally diverse foods like these. But then, I'm also a sucker for a good Yankee pot roast, and the mushroom fettuccine Alfredo sounds delicious, too… Add a dessert, with a different one featured every evening, for just $5 more.
Of course, you can choose from their entire deli case of prepared foods as well, and desserts available usually number about two dozen, so that might make your choice easier if you have a favorite, or maybe harder if you want to taste everything, the way I always want to.
It's been great to have these dinners available this winter, for weeknight choices when very few restaurants open beyond just the weekends, and we thank Far Land for their innovative, creative support of PTown's little year-round community.

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