Monday, March 9, 2015

Quick! Register for PTown's 2015 Community Education Courses

Provincetown Community Education courses begin in just a few days, but there's still time to enroll, if the classes you choose still have space available.
Maybe you'd like to learn to speak a little French, say, enough to ask for directions and order a good meal in a French-speaking country. French for Travelers will be taught over six Tuesday evenings beginning on March 17th.
Maybe you'd like to learn to develop your lungs, improve your voice, and gain the confidence to sing. That course runs Thursday nights, beginning March 19th. Perhaps you'd like to learn how to roll your own sushi, or make a Japanese noodle salad from scratch, starting Wednesday, March 18th.
Other choices include four different fitness courses ranging from very gentle yoga, suitable even for beginners, to a mixed cardio - free weights - kick boxing regimen that promises great music for this a high intensity workout, which you can take at your own pace.
You can sharpen your writing and communication skills, or build your own fold-up beach table in a woodworking course. Learn to create video with your camcorder, cell phone or DSLR, or borrow equipment from PTV for this FREE class. All others cost $60, and some may have a material fee as well.
For info about fees, schedules or other questions, call 508 487-5203, but do it right away so you don't miss the proverbial boat.

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