Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tin Pan Alley Opening Party Tonight

Tin Pan Alley officially kicks off the 2015 season tonight, April 23rd.
'Tis the season, and restaurants all over Provincetown are making ready for the summer of 2015. Over the next several weeks "Opening Parties" will be held from one end of PTown to the other, in restaurants firing up their kitchens for the beginning of the new season.
These are events which are generally open to the public, where the whole town is invited to celebrate the coming season, taste a bit of the new menu as well as some old favorites, and socialize with neighbors and friends they might not have seen much during the winter.
Some restaurants offer a few tidbits, while others put on a lavish spread with banquet tables overflowing with delectable seafood, meats, side dishes, cheeses, fresh fruits, and of course, some of their house specialties. Typically at these opening parties, a cash bar is available as well, whatever the style of food might be. Each party is a little different from the next.
If you find yourself out and about this evening between 5 and 8 PM, squeeze your way into Tin Pan Alley. It's likely to be quite crowded. Have a taste of their food, perhaps a cocktail, and a visit with friends old and new. There's bound to be live music from a number of performers, too.
Tin Pan Alley's mussels brought me back again and again last
summer, for the absolute best mussel dish anywhere in town.
Last year, in their first season, Tin Pan Alley distinguished itself in a number of ways. The comfortable new dining room and the spacious new patio really showed off the view out over Provincetown's gorgeous harbor and beach. They also brought back wonderful, live music to the restaurant, and the food was very good.
The mussels, for example, were the best served in PTown; plump, tender, always perfectly cooked, and one of my favorite dishes all summer long, anywhere in town.
I hope to see them on the menu again at some point, even though there are promising new chefs in the kitchen, eager to show us a bit of themselves with something different.
The new menu for 2015 will change with the seasons, so I'm going to get there very soon to taste the venison meatballs, grilled lamb pops, and their handmade pappardelle with rabbit and veal Bolognese, for example, before the changing season and available local ingredients inspire new dishes.
For now, Tin Pan Alley, at 269 Commercial Street, will be opening Thursdays through Sundays, with the bar opening at 2:30 PM, and dinner starting at 5:30 PM. The kitchen will close at 9PM, with days and hours expanding as the season becomes busy. There will be live entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 till 11 PM. Summer will also bring a lunch menu.
We wish them a good season, and we can help kick it off tonight, April 23rd, at the 2015 opening party at Tin Pan Alley.

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