Wednesday, April 8, 2015

If It's April, This Must Be Spring

OK, it's warming up a little bit, in the 30s at night instead of the teens and twenties…
It hasn't snowed in over a week, so this must be Spring.
And just the other day I heard that first high-pitched squeal of a circular saw a few doors up the street, along with those first sharp pops of a nail gun coming from someone's roof, so it must be spring!

"Spring" is depicted in this painting by Charles W. Hawthorne,
progenitor of Provincetown's art movement back in 1899.
While looking on the Internet this afternoon to find a particular painting by Charles Hawthorne, I found several little caches of his work assembled by various folks who obviously loved and admired his paintings as much as I do. It looked like they had all gone to great trouble to dig up dozens of Hawthornes that I had never seen.
I dug a bit, too, and even found a Hawthorne on a Chinese web page. Altogether, I found more than a hundred of his works that were new to me, including the striking woman above, gathering flowers. Hawthorne named this painting "Spring."
I've decided I'm going to begin bringing more art into these pages, and Hawthorne's works will definitely figure prominently, as they should. I hope you'll enjoy it.
In the meantime, since we sometimes really don't have much of a spring season in Provincetown, (just instant summer after a protracted cold, rainy spell,) I'm going to enjoy the painting above when I need a bit of spring.

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